The chapter 4 of the Gospel of John is one of the parts that I like best in the Bible.

There was a man who had been born blind. He sat on the street and lived on begging. What else could he do at that time? He would not get a job with his difficulty. What was worse is that people attributed any physical difficulties of a man to his or his parents’ sins. How could we live positively, if we were condemned that we had more sins than others in nature?

Then Jesus came and cured his eyes. But He did a more important thing: He declared the man’s blindness had nothing to do with his sins.
I’m astonished by such clear distinction between physical and mental matters, which was made more than 2000 years ago. Even now we tend to tell “Headache? Oh no, you only don’t want to go to school!”
And the blind man was taught by Jesus that he was not at all inferior to others. I think his vision upon his life must have been turned 180 degrees.

For above reasons, his way to live has been changed straight upwards.
He made in public it was he that used to sit and beg, and not now anymore.
When he was sent to Pharisees, he started a debate against them.

I imagine he must have appeared quite miserable when he stood in front of the authorities, because only some days ago he had no way to live but begging. It must have been very cool to see such poor fellow was talking out of eminent wealthy men.

The Gospel of John highlights such people who met with Jesus and changed by Him, which I think is one of its feature.


2 thoughts on “Enlightement

    • Thank you, The Gospel of John seems me to describe how people are long for the Messiah, among them some, like this man, could open their hearts but many of them could not. I imagine which type I would be, if I were among them….

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