Website of the Church

I gratefully present you the new website for our church:

Link to the website of Shonandai Baptist Church, Kanagawa, Japan

We have thought it nowadays more and more important to improve a website for our church: We have had a simple page only with the address and the timetable, yet we have seen “considerable” amount of people who have visited us on the basis of it.

In the case of our church in Japan, where very few people think about God, we have two or three new visitors in a Year, therefore that “two or three” are quite “considerable.” : a certain value created from almost zero.

And they might need an urgent rescue of their hearts. It’s my own experience. If I had not found the telephone number of the church and asked them if I could go, and been welcome…I can’t imagine how my life were now.

As it is not a commercial website to acquire customers, we don’t write like “come to our church, you’ll have a lot of fun!” but we’d like to show how we are in the church, and how and when one can see us if he would like to. The address and the time table are still the most important information. In addition, we show a detailed navigation of the way to the church. For example:

Which to go after you came through the gate of the station.

And the verses from the Bible. we have quoted as many of them as possible overall the webpages. Possibly only by meeting with the words of God here, one could be saved!
And it rescued indeed us from being tired of page building routine. While we are questing the words from Bible, our hearts were recharged.

It has yet many to fix, but we shall not overcook it in our local HDD.
Whereas we are much comforted by finishing upload, we are faced with the next trial: release is one thing, update is another.


2 thoughts on “Website of the Church

    • Thank you! Recently I found many churches in Japan are much smaller than ours. I imagine there would be various types of churches in the world….May God bless all places for prayer on the earth.

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