Water and Wine

“Unless one is born if water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God.”
This saying of Jesus described in John 4:5 sounds me vivid. I imagine, if human body were composed of water, where his spirit resided as a small particle of light.

On painting the humble picture above, I did not use transparency effect of the painting software. All colors have full opacity. I selected myself each of the color within the human outline so as to be somewhat lighter than the corresponding color in the background: I have poor knowledge of painting and always wondered how painters in the world could produce various transparency of water or glass with opaque oil painting pigments, and made an attempt on mocking them.

Back to the topic of water described in the Gospel of John. The remarkable event is described in the chapter 2, that Jesus turned the several big jars of water into wine. It is written as “the first miracle” that Jesus did in front of people.

Why did He do such a magic-show-like performance as His first miracle? To supply people with a tasty drink? I don’t think so. Instead I find it quite symbolic, explaining His life on the earth.

Water symbolises as above birth of a man, whereas wine does, as is widely known, blood of His. Jesus might have shown that He would soon turn His life into blood-shedding death, with His own power, in order to bless people.

I imagine the water in the Jars has not simply been replaced with the same volume of wine. It might have been turned like a chemical reaction in the flask and the center of the reaction might have been the Spirit having resided at the bottom of the vessel.


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