Like Doves

“And when Jesus was baptized, …the heavens were opened to him, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and coming to rest on him (Matthew 3:16, ESV)”

“It is like a dove, but not an actual dove, but the Spirit,” is often required the attention.
If so, however, it will be more gorgeous to imagine, a lot of , each of which is something like a dove, descending towards Jesus. Why not? It’s Christmas. Celebrate Him well.

I have several different movies which describe the scene of Jesus being baptized, in one of which the river was quite muddy, by which I was so much impressed. So I painted the river in brown.
The figure of the man with semi-long hair is Jesus, and the other with broccoli-like hair is John the Baptist.

It required some thinking to draw this picture. I wanted to draw the scene as viewed from the above. Then I knew some perspective consideration would be required, namely, to change the size and population of dove-like figure by location. But I couldn’t imagine how to do it.

(Many dove-like figure to descend toward the figure pointed by the arrow)

So I fixed for the first time the basic curve, assuming it to be at a certain altitude, and drew the lines towards the targeted figure.

Then drew a new curve, assuming it to be at the higher altitude than the first curve, and also drew lines towards the same target.

The third curve was assumed to be at lower altitude than the first curve.

In this way I added curves at higher and lower altitudes. I found that in the higher direction above the black basic curve could not be added so many, for they look like locating behind the target.

So I quit to draw these contour lines and then, thought about what size of dove-like figures to set at these points.
What I found was, Larger dove-like figure must be located at the isoline of shorter diameter, because such line is closer to the viewpoint(from above).
On the other hand, small figures must be gathered around the target, because they are located as low as the target.
Thus, the figures to draw large found to be much less than it had been expected.

Deleting the lines…

In coloring the dove-like figure I was confused which figures should be painted in lighter color, nearer to the viewpoint(large) or to the target(small)?
I’m not sure if I decided well this time, but I adopted the “brighter” yellow for the nearer figures.

At last, I covered the two facing corner with clouds. I didn’t mind to delete some figures under the clouds. Thus the picture shown the first was completed.

It happened to become a tough work. But this kind of happening would enrich my drawing experience.


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