Sea of Galilee

This scene of Jesus calling Simon-Peter and Andrew on the boat at the Sea of Galilee was what I had wanted to draw for a long time.

I imagine the boat was at a certain distance from the shore, because they were catching fish with the net.

The hurdle to draw the scene of the Sea was how to paint the water. This time I got several photos of the Sea of Galilee and took some close look at them.

Then I found, the deep green color of the water, which would represents the beauty of this sea, should appear in the image as much smaller area than I had expected, and at quite a far distance. The wide area near at hand looked rather grayish.(The purple object at the furthest is the mountainous area)

Also the lowest part of the sky should weather pale color and the vivid blue color should appear up above.

Through this consideration I learned “If you like to paint the scene in a wide view, don’t paint the nearest area in a vivid colors, but do in ones the far area”

Then the ripples. I’m not sure if I could express them well…
Anyway for the first time I tried to draw thin lines in the water, which made the picture ridiculous, though.

So I drew rather thick line in the color I want to use for the thin lines, over which I painted roughly in the color of the matrix again, so that the thin should remain.
I used the same way for the gravel path.

(The scene itself)

I’m sorry, it’s too late and I’m so sleepy that my explanation of the picture for today might be quite bad.


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