I had been these two days wondering whether a bunch of grape is up-to-date to draw under the theme of Christmas.

I have once drawn one one day, not in this season of the year, in some tricky way (Fruit of God.). But this time I wanted to use an honest way.

Though grape is not a kind of fruits for Christmas, but it’s the symbol of abundant blessing of Jesus. He is the true grape tree and we are his branch.

Thus, again I got a photograph of an ordinary bunch of grape and made an attempt of sketch it.

For the concept “abundant” I imagine spheres stuck three -dimensionally, vise versa. When I was at school, I loved to look at crystal models with spheric atoms, drawn on 2D plane using many tricks, no, methods, to show it as 3D structure.

A 3D expression on the plane is, in consequence,
(1) Things near are big, far are small.
(2) One or more parts of the things behind are cropped and replaced with the figure of the things in front.
(3) A single part of a thing is painted pale and the other dark.

In the case of a bunch of grape, (1) is not used, for the whole bunch is near at hand.
Thus (2) is important. Namely, some circles are eaten the others:

To express the depth to the stem of the bunch, some circles should be eaten by multiple circles.

And the whole figure should be irregular. For example, one may want to fill this dent by some circles, but better not to do.

Then drawing was complete.

In painting the method (3)(pale-dark gradation) shall be used. But in the case of grape, another pale color is needed. It is the color of natural wax on the peel(bloom). Without it the grape would look like a plastic fake.

So this is the picture of today. The pale rainbow color in the background means hope for the next year 2014.


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