Jesus is the shepherd and we are sheep. But can I draw sheep enough distinct from other animals in the pasture?

My idea for sheep had been like this:

I think it is not so apart from what ordinary Japanese imagine, because this image comes from what I mocked the illustration tutorial for children when I was one.

Since sheep is not so widely held in Japanese farms, this image rather from Ariel of Zodiac.

I found most sheep as the farm animal(namely, lead by shepherd) don’t have so big horns. So I started to draw in this way.

Well, something is wrong…It seems like a horse head artificially embedded in the wooly body.

Horse, no, sheep is not a horse, but close to cattle.
Now I find the face of cattle is more triangular.

And it(sheep or cattle) has longer neck as I had imagined. To put an accent on the neck, the body should be a bit shortened.

This is my recent image of sheep.


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