Quantized Desert

Ahhh we have only a few days to Christmas, but this year I have only a few pictures for that.
This time I’d like to draw a desert, as one in Judea, where Jesus used to went around.

This is the picture of some desert, which had been uploaded in Wikipedia

Ah, this may be difficult to mock, for it has complicated structure of light and shadow with so many pebbles and rocks.
First I mocked the outline…

Then I started painting to express the fine structure…but wait.

This should not be my work. There would be lots of painters far greater than I in such a delicate work.
I’d rather use some other funny ways which would go along with me well.

Recently I learned about analog-digital conversion, in which man divide the analog data into fine finite members and set each member a finite and uniform value.
As the particles and the light and shadow in the photo seems me infinite, I’d like to adopt this method.

Now I divided the outlined picture in meshes.

Then I painted a single mesh, or a group of meshes, in such colors that “I feel like to use with no special reason”

This work did not need logical or technical decision, but boldness and don’t-worry-be-happyism.
And the result is as below.

The small white figures in the picture are Jesus and the serpent(seducer). This time I painted them in white, because I imagined that Jesus was so exhausted and powerless through the long fasting and wandering. Why I painted the serpent also in white, I’m not sure. Maybe because I don’t regard daemon or satan or such unholy existence as His enemy. They may all be just lucking of holiness and they would want to have some connection with Him in their own ways.


2 thoughts on “Quantized Desert

    • Thank you very much, Sue. I’m really glad we can wait for Christmas in full of joy and hope for the saver Jesus Christ. Wish your Christmas with joy, comfort and encouragement!

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