Wish you all have peaceful Christmas!
Today I’d like to draw a sparrow, on which Jesus often comments in His Sermon.
In the room of the apartment I lived before, sparrows come so often to the balcony, despite that I had nothing to eat for them there, besides four little flowerpots. They perched on the framework the handrail, hopped here and there on the floor of concrete, and around the flowerpots. Every time they came, I took my camera out carefully so that I’d not frighten them, and took their picture.
Once a gentleman in the church told me, which pleased me so much: “I like that you talk about sparrows and show us their pictures you took. They remind me of Jesus. I imagine He felt relaxed when He saw sparrows playing around Him, through His busy days preaching and healing people ”

This is one of the best shot I had taken. It’s not attributed to my skill. It was thanks to the sparrow who came so near that everyone could take such photo easily.

This time I liked a bold stroke to trace the outlines of the sparrow’s body, face and the texture of the feathers.

This has an atmosphere of Chinese ink drawing, isn’t it?
Then I painted each part with the corresponding color. This time I didn’t use the backet tool, which would leave a trace of blank edges. And I put the color over the outlines, without minding the paint should cover the outlines. In consequence, every outlines were left with different boldness, which I liked.
This is the sparrow on the snow-covered ground. This time I left the snow without peculiar coloring.


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