I am baptized as a protestant and do not realize holiness on tangible things, but respect for the hints given by the Lord through them. This remain of the cut branch, like a watching eye, carries a message, how many things, or people, we hurt through our safe and sound daily lives.


People in Heaven

One day I took a photo of clouds in the sunset. I reviewed it and got a nice idea.
I uploaded it onto my japanese blog and added the comment:

Heaven might be the place where people like icons of Window Live Messenger looks at us from above.

A friend of mine liked it. She even pointed out the one at the right hand is falling down on the cloud.

After a while I found another people on the cloud. And I got be sure it was really the heaven, because one of the Windows-Live-Messenger-Logo-like people had a wing.

Wish these people would protect us.

Bon App├ętit

It was rainy today. For many days we hadn’t seen so much rain, as to last for hours. So today’s rain in our town was blessing.

In the morning, I found through the window that a crow came to the roof of the house across the street.
I was much interested that he was carrying a round thing between his beaks. It must be a fruit with a hard shell.

A BS antenna stood on the roof. He hit the round object at the frame, using his beak very well.

He made the work for a few times and finally gulped the object. It was pity that I could not capture the scene in the camera, for he worked so quick.
But I could capture him just after he ate it. He looks to me somewhat contented, doesn’t he?

At last he jumped up to fly. Surprisingly he came towards my window, then made a quick turn and flew away.

You might wonder if he really looks toward us in the picture, because it was cloudy and he is dark all over. Yet you could see his beak by taking a closer look at him.

I like crows, because they are so wise that they show many interesting features, moreover they are so large that it’s easy to capture them. Only if they did not scatter garbage from trash cans on the street, they could be good friends to us.

Ladies in the Sky

August is ending. Though the sunshine is still so strong and the air is heated in the daytime, the climate is surely changing.

Especially the coulds in the sky. In the daytime they form large heaps, but aroud the sunset they turn into fine threads, which make various forms.

One day I looked up at the sky in the sunset, and found there a lady in pink, wearing a drese with light cloth:

The other day I found in the sky another lady dancing:

If you meet the ladies in the sky, you have to take their picture as soon as possible, or they will change their form soon.


I had been occupied in writing the first draft of my book. Though I have some kind of duty of secrecy on it until it is really published, I could tell it is about (another) programming for beginners.
I have just sent my first draft to the editor, before his office opens again tomorrow, after a 4-day closing for the summer vacation.

Each time I write about the summer vacation in Japan, my heart aches, because it is only for 4 days in average. Assuming one spend a day for going, a day for coming back and a day for preparing for the work of the next day, he would have only a single day to enjoy his vacation completely.

As for me in summer? Oh, I enjoy my life every day. I’m happy when I have a job to write at home, and half an hour to go outside to take a picture of beauty around me, for example in early morning:

I’m glad I went through busy days and came back in the blog.

Living Things

It was early in the morning of 15 July, about a month ago, that I met with a young sunflower.

The stem was so thin that it was sustained by a pole.
This place didn’t seem to get enough sunshine, because trees were arrayed behind it.
I wondered why people planted it at such an inconvenient place, but named it “Skinny,” wishing it soon to grow up.

Then I had not noticed at it until this morning, because each time I jogged through the street I had been more attracted by beautiful morning sky or birds flying there.
But today my eyes were caught by a green object, despite that the time was earlier and it was darker.

It was grown up so big, together with its friend, and already had a bud at the top.

How a tough power living things have!

I devote this post to my friend Jennifer, who is now giving all her power to bring up two tiny lives. I believe the time, for a month or so, would help the tiny two grow up enough to stand up by their own, like these plants. So keep on your precious work, ganbatte-kudasai.

An Incredible Evening

Last evening, I went for a walk to watch the sunset. It was 6:45 when I left home.
I planned to return in 30 mins or so.

The sky was already being colored. An airplane was flying across the dark pink sky.

I guess the color in the pictures I took were influenced by the direction and zooming. The other side of the sky was colored orange, with gray clouds with fine structure.

There was also a brighter side far beyond along the road.

Then I found a gorgeous place. There the sky showed three colors!

Soon the sky went dark and behind the sunset the moon was rising. Though the sky was a bit misty, it wore some iridescence – a rainbow around the moon.

There was also a brighter side far beyond along the road.

At that time the tricolor sky got darker, do I went home.

It was just I had intended, to return home in 30 mins, but I took most of the time looking up the skies and taking photos and my walk might have been less than 15 mins.