Still Version 1.0

The 3rd day of the new year is going to end here. I have a work to finish until the middle of this month and now being under pressure, so I might not able to read my dear friends’ blogs for several days. It’s not a matter of “time”, but that of my mind state. I don’t want to suspend posting because it’s my training to write in English. Anyway I want to finish my work soon.

Tonight I was writing an explanation of some XML files and found that this format of XML is still version 1.0.
It might be a very rare case, that the version of a software resource should last for so long time.
Now for HTML format version 5 is actively discussed. Windows is of version 7 and the rumors of 8 are heard everywhere. Java 1.6 had jumped up to be Java6 and recently Java7 was released. Mac OS is…it is peculiar in a different sense, that the version as integer is yet kept “10” but the numbers under decimal point is increasing to 7.

But usual XML documents still declare their version “1.0.”

I remember when the concept of XML was introduced in Japan, more than 10 years ago. At that time there were many books and magazines appealing as if XML were to solve any problems of programming. I remember an advertisement, in which a dolphin said “How lucky is a human being to have XML!” I wondered if XML is such that were longed for by an dolphin.

As I dealt with more Java applications, I could see advantages of XML. As it is written in a readable text, not binary code, the documents are used regardless to the platform. Data written in XML is visible for human, it is, yes, vital. Even the database app had crushed, the data would be rescued.
On the other hand it is said, as many data are transported in XML document, that is, a text document, through internet, the traffic is getting heavy and dirty.

Anyway XML is now used as an usual document, not miracle but necessary, and the version is still 1.0.


No history of programming languages

Yesterday I spent all day long to write an article about history of programming languages.
It was only 4 pages that I had to write, but I had a difficulty to summary the content properly.

When I had started to write it last week, I had sought in Amazon for books about it, written by any authorities. To my surprise, I found very few, Japanese or English.
First I used a keyword “History of programming”, and then changed it to “History of computing”. At last I found only one exactly with that title ( in English ) and ordered it.

Two days later the book was delivered (great Amazon!) . It was about how to study history of computing systematically…a methodology (isn’t it?).
That book taught me that it would be yet a delicate matter to discuss a history of computing. One of the reasons is that computers are used in so many fields, that the goal of computing is quite ambiguous. Or a some technology of computing may succeed technologically and other commercially.
Now I have understood, why books of such a title have been scarcely published.

Or only I was not smart at searching for books?