2013 Ends

Here in Japan only 2 hours and half is left for this year, 2013.
It was so blessed a year for me. One thing I felt sorry was, I have not so many chances to write and read blogs. It is due to my lack of skills in English and drawing, and imagination…but I will not give up and manage to carry on this blog.
I have changed the banner for the new year. The symbol of this year is horse. I like this species with gentle eyes, kind heart, friendship and intelligence.
I pray for all people, animals, living things and all things on earth. May God fill this world with love and remove hate from all our hearts. Wish you a happy new year 2014!



Jesus is the shepherd and we are sheep. But can I draw sheep enough distinct from other animals in the pasture?

My idea for sheep had been like this:

I think it is not so apart from what ordinary Japanese imagine, because this image comes from what I mocked the illustration tutorial for children when I was one.

Since sheep is not so widely held in Japanese farms, this image rather from Ariel of Zodiac.

I found most sheep as the farm animal(namely, lead by shepherd) don’t have so big horns. So I started to draw in this way.

Well, something is wrong…It seems like a horse head artificially embedded in the wooly body.

Horse, no, sheep is not a horse, but close to cattle.
Now I find the face of cattle is more triangular.

And it(sheep or cattle) has longer neck as I had imagined. To put an accent on the neck, the body should be a bit shortened.

This is my recent image of sheep.

Like Doves

“And when Jesus was baptized, …the heavens were opened to him, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and coming to rest on him (Matthew 3:16, ESV)”

“It is like a dove, but not an actual dove, but the Spirit,” is often required the attention.
If so, however, it will be more gorgeous to imagine, a lot of , each of which is something like a dove, descending towards Jesus. Why not? It’s Christmas. Celebrate Him well.

I have several different movies which describe the scene of Jesus being baptized, in one of which the river was quite muddy, by which I was so much impressed. So I painted the river in brown.
The figure of the man with semi-long hair is Jesus, and the other with broccoli-like hair is John the Baptist.

It required some thinking to draw this picture. I wanted to draw the scene as viewed from the above. Then I knew some perspective consideration would be required, namely, to change the size and population of dove-like figure by location. But I couldn’t imagine how to do it.

(Many dove-like figure to descend toward the figure pointed by the arrow)

So I fixed for the first time the basic curve, assuming it to be at a certain altitude, and drew the lines towards the targeted figure.

Then drew a new curve, assuming it to be at the higher altitude than the first curve, and also drew lines towards the same target.

The third curve was assumed to be at lower altitude than the first curve.

In this way I added curves at higher and lower altitudes. I found that in the higher direction above the black basic curve could not be added so many, for they look like locating behind the target.

So I quit to draw these contour lines and then, thought about what size of dove-like figures to set at these points.
What I found was, Larger dove-like figure must be located at the isoline of shorter diameter, because such line is closer to the viewpoint(from above).
On the other hand, small figures must be gathered around the target, because they are located as low as the target.
Thus, the figures to draw large found to be much less than it had been expected.

Deleting the lines…

In coloring the dove-like figure I was confused which figures should be painted in lighter color, nearer to the viewpoint(large) or to the target(small)?
I’m not sure if I decided well this time, but I adopted the “brighter” yellow for the nearer figures.

At last, I covered the two facing corner with clouds. I didn’t mind to delete some figures under the clouds. Thus the picture shown the first was completed.

It happened to become a tough work. But this kind of happening would enrich my drawing experience.


Soon comes the first anniversary of my baptism, on 25th November.
Earlier I often had tears when I prayed and sang to God, moved by emotion, which was unable to explain.
Nowadays I have been much settled mentally and seldom find tears in the church.
But it was what happened the other day: we were singing a modern praise song. As a matter of fact, I don’t like modern songs as much as traditional hymns. But when I came to the lyric:

I thank the Lord Jesus, who stayed and cried together with me, when I was in sorrow.

Tears came up to my eyes and I could not stop them.
Therefore, I started to draw the image, that the Lord Jesus is together with a crying person.

This is the person.

Then how I draw Jesus?

I didn’t imagine Him sitting together with the man.
If I am this man…my mind will be occupied with my own sorrow and anxiety, and could not find Him close to me.
And I imagine, Jesus would not force me to look at Him. He would just stay there but never leave there.

While thinking as above, I began to imagine the figure, or even the shadow of the Lord, not with a solid shape of a man, but soft, thin, fluidic like ether, floating around the crying man.

That is our Lord.

Then the color? man is grey, in the midst of two strong impression, white and black.
I often paint the figure for Jesus black, to give Him the strongest impression. But in this figure, I dont’t need that.
I thought about what color to use for Him, and gave up. OK, I may will paint Him as pretty as I like.
I used the three colors, typical of Japanese traditional sweets.

Eve’s Failure

Last night I talked with a woman pastor.
She has a distinct point of view on the Bible. Precisely, more than a single point. There were so many things that I found interesting in her talking, too many to write here now, so I will quote one thing.

If we read the Bible, we women will soon be beaten by the sin of Eve, eating the forbidden Fruit and let his husband eat one too. We might think it heavy as if this woman have owed all responsibility that mankind has been shuttered out of the Paradise.

Yet she told us, “If God had really hated Eve to eat the Fruit, He could have stopped her. God makes the history, in which people sometimes obey Him, sometimes not. How about thinking that God had sent Adam and Eve to the new World from the Garden? ”

That’s wonderful. Yet I still think that Eve had made a mistake. She was too easily talked out by the snake. She should have asked him, “So why don’t you eat it by yourself?”

Daniel in the Lion’s den

This month we learned the Book of Daniel and the chap6, Daniel in the Lion’s den was the last episode we learned.

In this episode Daniel served to the Persian King Darius. The king set a law that anyone in his kingdom must worship other than him, but Daniel kept worshiping God he had believed.
Thus as its penalty Daniel was thrown in a hole or a cave, where lions were kept. But an Angel prevented him from being eaten by the beasts.

One in the classe told his opinion frankly: “I don’t believe the whole of this Book, because Daniel and his friends were too lucky. They were not punished by God despite they served to a king under a different god. On the other hand they were at last promoted to good positions under the King, who had captured them!”

Then our pastor told him: “Do you think they were lucky? I don’t think so…but I think their promotion would be even a heavy stress on them.”

I felt the same as the pastor. It was because of the announcement of Daniel, as he was brought with no damage out of among the lions with. Then he told: “I was found blameless before him (= God)”
This words of his give me an impression that he had felt guilty towards his God until then, that he had lived in a different cultural and religious environment.
At the time of Darius, Daniel should have been much aged. I suppose he had been a man in sorrow of a captive all the time since he was taken to Babylon, however kindly he may have been treated.
This is how I imagine he looked, not enjoying his high position at all:

But God sent an angel to guard him. What did the angel look like?
Well, angels described in the Book of Isaiah and Ezekiel are not human-figured, but more beast-like and horrific.
So I imagine the lions in the den might have been so terrified by the angel, that they forgot a prey was near to them.

Was his heart saved because he was justified by God in this way?
Unfortunately I don’t think so.
Because in chapter 7 and more, he saw visions to tell the future of the world, which would be disastrous.
I think his salvation came at last through the words of the angel, written at the very end of the Book – “But go your way till the end. And you shall rest and shall stand in your allotted place at the end of the days.”

Through the Bible class Daniel has become one of my favorite person in the Bible. It is not because he was wise or overcame many difficulties, but he had walked along the long way in the gab between belief and life.

Chaos, Light and Darkness

Hi, I’m really back. May 2013 was possibly the most busiest month for me. Soon after the church’s anniversary, I went to Tokyo 6 times to write articles, whereas I had to complete a book until the end of the month. I also made two more project for the books and dedicated an article for a japanese openSUSE community. Today I went to the high school sports fest to take photos of my neighbor’s children. But all these business I happily accepted as my “reason to existence” given by God.

Through such a mess I did not – could not- skip going to the church every Sunday and Wednesday. Day by day I feel more and more that I cannot live without thinking of God.

Recently I thought about the light and the darkness that God created from the chaos, which were written in GENESIS in the Bible.

I think the darkness is not the chaos. It must be a structured world, in contrast to the light.

Look at this picture, please. It’s like a test pattern on television…

Indeed I expressed chaos, the light and the darkness by this picture.

Say, the upper area consists of RGB stripe is the chaos.
Recently I think “colorful” mean “no property in color.” This area is not red nor blue nor green, at the same time it includes red and blue and green. And I think “chaos” means “an Idea with no property”

From such RGB chaos God created the light, which is the area that R=G=B=100%. On the other hand, He created the darkness, which is the area that R=G=B=0%.

Then He created many colors with certain values for R, G, B, respectively, between the light and the darkness.

This is my idea for the Creation.