An Incredible Evening

Last evening, I went for a walk to watch the sunset. It was 6:45 when I left home.
I planned to return in 30 mins or so.

The sky was already being colored. An airplane was flying across the dark pink sky.

I guess the color in the pictures I took were influenced by the direction and zooming. The other side of the sky was colored orange, with gray clouds with fine structure.

There was also a brighter side far beyond along the road.

Then I found a gorgeous place. There the sky showed three colors!

Soon the sky went dark and behind the sunset the moon was rising. Though the sky was a bit misty, it wore some iridescence – a rainbow around the moon.

There was also a brighter side far beyond along the road.

At that time the tricolor sky got darker, do I went home.

It was just I had intended, to return home in 30 mins, but I took most of the time looking up the skies and taking photos and my walk might have been less than 15 mins.


Light, Darkness, Water

It rained very hard through the night. When I got up this morning, at 5AM, it was still raining.
Then the cloud went away and at around 6AM the sky was cleared.
I went out.

Here and there were large pools of water on the street.
Strangely, some water pools were not muddy, but filled with transparent water.

It was like a mirror on the dark asphalt.
Light and darkness made a collaboration by means of the rain water between them.

I came at the start point of a deep descent, which is behind the high ascend.
The sun had came out between the clouds and shone the road.
I saw the way just between me, and the ascend beyond, were both shining silver.
It was the deed of water, which had yet spread over the road.

I went on, toward the bottom of the geometry. It was anger the bridge and thus dark around there – but the ascend to which I faced was now shining gold.

“Early bird catches the light”, I said to myself. “helped by rain, and darkness.”

Shoot in the Shiny Sky

I like to look at the Moon in the blue sky. It seems white and shines soft. Perhaps I like it better than shiny moon at night.

It was very fine yesterday. We call it a pause in the rainy season. I went out to the post office.

On my way home, when I was walking in the street, I looked up the blue sky and found there very good things to take a shot.

Human eyes are remarkable. Despite I could see both – no, all of the three objects clearly with my own eyes, I lost the sight through the finder of my compact digital camera.
I hurried, because two of the objects, which were bound together, were quickly approaching to the rest. I pointed the camera up to the sky and took a shot anyway in wide (most zoomed out) mode, in order to take as large area as possible.

I zoomed in, then I lost the sight again!
“Oh no, wait, please don’t go! It must be the best moment now!” I cried out to the sky. I could see at the corner of my right eye a boy across the street looked at me, wondering.

I took the shot anyway. It was a bet – shoot in the dark- no, the shiny sky.

“Ah…it’s gone.”

I came home and examined what I got. Miracle! I had got it.

An airplane was approaching with a long contrail, to the area where I could see the moon. When I could at last catch up with the plane zooming in, it was gone already over the moon and close to the edge. It was lucky.


Yesterday I was shocked by the weather forecast of the next day (i.e. today).
Rain, north wind. Temperature goes even down to 13C (55.4F) at noon.
No! I had already pushed my delonghi-like heater deep into the closet, among the packages, setting an electric fan in the room instead.

The cold rainy day was to last for only a single day. So I made up my mind to forgo any heater.

The problem was the cold air from the entrance. My room is so small, that the entrance is so near, that I can look over to it from where I’m sitting for the work now. And there’s no shield in between. It will give a good ventilation in the hot summer, but in winter I should do something in oder to block the cold air. Perhaps I could hang a curtain.

This time I found a nice thing to block the air flow. A big stuffed animal – the biggest one I have in the room.

There are many stuffed animals in my room. Some of them I bought, other I was inherited from my late mother, or sent by someone. On moving here, I once thought about abandoning some of them. But I couldn’t. I decided to be with them anywhere I live, until my soul goes upward taking all those of them.

The biggest one is a monkey. I named it Salcozy. Don’t get it wrong, s’il vows plaĆ®t. It’s just a word-play in Japanese.

The Salcozy effect was remarkable! Now I can keep around myself so warm. And under the table there is a largest one, a dog, which has yet no name but the dog.

The above picture I had uploaded in my Japanese photo-shareing site, then a friend of mine asked if it is alive. No, We are not permitted to keep a living dog in the rent room.

These lovely things would help me much in this winter. On the other hand, they might make me feel the summer air hotter. No, I won’t mind.


It is not wise to go for a show, only because everyone goes. Neither it is, not to go for one, only for that reason.

I had kept my interest, though not so enthusiastic, on the annular eclipse, which had been to appear in Japan this morning. By yesterday, the opportunity to observer the phenomenon had been so poorly estimated. The weather forecast was “cloudy, occasionally rain.”

I woke up at 5 today, as usual. Heavy rain started around 6.
But I had an idea, that this rain might consume the cloud. Indeed it did not last long. Around 7:30, when the eclipse had been told to occur, it was only small drops which was falling from the sky.

Then I went out with my compact camera. I thought, “I would be happy if I could something different in the atmosphere, even if there would be no spectacle.”

I stood in the street looking up at the skies for minutes. The sky was covered with cloud all over. Sometimes the cloud seemed whiter, then darker again.

A boy came out from the house over there. A couple with sun glasses passed me by. They seemed not happy, but with a little hope for “something different.”

Then the miracle came. The wind suddenly got stronger, and I could find the distinctive white area in the dark cloud. the area gradually appeared to a ring. Luckily it was so dim that I could see it through naked eyes, and take its picture.

Cries for joy were heard here and there.

A woman, whom I had not known at all, came out of the door. I found me calling her, “Look! it’s there!” …I wonder if she got the chance, because the cloud moved so quickly to hide the sun again. Anyway we had a good friendship.

“OK, I will go look for it anyway.” – it’s one of my favorite saying.

Beautifully Fading

Yesterday we had a much unstable weather. In the morning it was fine. Then the clouds gathered to give rain and then scattered.

In the late afternoon, there was a hard rain. I was working on my computer. I didn’t know when I had drifted off, leaning on the stuck of the unopened package behind…then I came to myself. The rain had gone away and the sky through the wind was blue.

I raised myself to look at the sky better, then I found the rainbow.

I took it as God’s gift cheering up my new life. I started to work again, though I got frequently absorbed at the rainbow. Then it started to fade.

I found the fading rainbow another beautiful scene. Seemed like blue-violet band of light would stay longer. More detail:

The event happened around 4PM. Before the sunset that day of mine was decorated so colorful. Thank God for one of the best day in my life.

Lunar Eclipse

Lunar eclipse, Dec 2011

A total lunar eclipse took place on Saturday, December 10. Luckily it was night in our timezone. And moreover, it was a beautiful weather of Winter. The sky was clear – and the air was cold.

From the window of my house, that evening, the full moon was seen until about 8PM. Then it went out of the sight.

I went out of the house. It was not until I walked 10 steps, that the moon shone high above in the sky, with many stars, already partially covered with shadow. It seemed like a usual shadowed moon, but it was remarkable, because before an hour or so I had seen it to be full.

Since it was very cold, I did not stay for a long time watching the whole process. I went to the place every thirty minutes and took photos with zoom. This camera and zoom were what my husband had used before. He did not came with me, but he taught me how to take photographs of the moon at night – at the minimum exposure. The zoom has max 400mm focus length, with which a sparrow on the electric cable overhead could be taken as large as a hen.

When the covered area on the moon increased, the moonlight turned copper-red and the whole sphere was seen vaguely. The stars around it were shining unchanged, though their light was so small that my camera couldn’t catch them. Sometimes a star or two fell down and disappeared. It was a beautiful experience.